(PG) Interior Design: 2-Year Programme

(PG) Interior Design: 2-Year Programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design focuses on preparing students specifically for the residential, corporate and hospitality markets. Interior design and styling will further be explored for editorial, marketing and advertising photo shoots. The course aims to help students develop confidence hence enabling them to make informed design choices and propose their own interior styling and design solutions.

    Year 1

        The first year of the programme will deal with the importance of defining a style, designing as per global standards and trends, how to pull together a style scheme, colour usage, patterns, textures, green spaces/nature, furniture, lighting, form & arrangement, sourcing and incorporating custom materials

    Year 2

         Second year students will learn how to interpret a client's requirements to create design concepts. They will learn how to respond to briefs from a client, research, product sourcing, presenting ideas on style boards and managing a project timeline. An entrepreneurial angle will be introduced here teaching students how to start their own interior design business and also how to market themselves as an interior designer in a contemporary environment.