Blogging 101 - Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty

Blogging 101 - Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty

Duration: 5 Weeks

Empaneled bloggers/faculty:

Gone are the days when only the fashion insiders and those with the most enviable lifestyles form the blogging elite. Blogging is huge today and so inclusive - there's room for everyone! Creating, building and maintaining a successful fashion, lifestyle or beauty blog isn't unattainable, it's a craft.

London School of Trends has collaborated with some of India's top bloggers to curate and deliver an exclusive short-course in Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging. You will be taught how to create a professional blog, grow it to work with brands and monetise it to make blogging a full time job. We'll cover topics relevant to fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Lectures will be accompanied by practical projects and on-the-job exposure provided by our impaneled bloggers in the form of photo-shoots, videos, events, client meetings & lots more!

It's also for those interested in learning more about developing their existing blog's effectiveness. Experienced bloggers have found the course has shown them how to sharpen their skills, updated them on the latest techniques, and helped them start earning money from blogging. This is the first ever course of its kind in all of Asia, not just India!

You'll learn everything you need to become a pro influencer from the planning, preparation and behind the scenes action that's required in blogging, to the nitty gritty more technical, creative hacks and networking skills. We will also look at blogging in a wider context, from the various formats a blog can take, through to the importance and impact of other prominent blogs, reviewing some of the most influential ones and learning why they are successful. Think of it as a crash course that will help you learn all about blogging before taking the plunge; even if you don't know what you want to blog about yet!

Blogging is a fantastic hobby for anyone to possess. It gives you a voice, and the best part is that people listen (that is, if you're good)! A blog gives you the chance to comment on the issues that are important and gets you noticed by the industry. Blogging is also a great way to start a career as a freelance fashion journalist or staff writer.

So take this course today, and begin your journey towards becoming an A-list blogger!

Learning Outcomes:


International Certification from London accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC)

Fee: INR 30,000 + taxes