Interior Styling: 3 Month Course

Interior Styling: 3 Month Course

How do interior stylists maximise the impact of a project and make it look stylish? In this course we focus on styling for the residential and the corporate markets. In addition this course will look at interior styling for editorial, marketing and advertising photo shoot purposes.

It is an introduction that will give you grounding in these areas of the styling industry. There will be lectures and presentations and you will learn how to engage with a client brief and how to work with style boards in order to develop a styling project.

The course aims to help you to develop confidence in order to enable you to make your own choices and propose in your own interior design solutions. By the end you should gain a better understanding of styling for corporate and residential interiors and styling for photo shoots. You will have gained an overview of the roles open to those wishing to develop a styling career.

Throughout the course there will be lectures on:

We will also visit a key area for sourcing in Delhi.

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