Interior Design: 3-Year Specialization Programme
Interior Design: 3-Year Specialization Programme

(UG) Interior Design: 3-Year Specialization Programme

The Undergraduate Diploma programme in Interior Design focuses on teaching the students how to develop Interior Design projects and how to create presentable portfolios of their work.

Since the architecture industry and building landscapes are growing at a fast pace, our course offers an opportunity for the student to have a thorough knowledge of the planning, construction and designing of an interior environment with technical skills and applied aesthetics.

Our course also has an environmental focus teaching them about the history, culture, identity and social issues which are an important part in the process of design.

  • Year 1

    In the first year, the student will learn about techniques and systems for transforming spaces without compromising its comfort and ergonomic aspects. They will also learn about colors, textures, lighting, scale and proportion. The focus will be on residential space design and various building materials.

  • Year 2

    This level introduces the student to small commercial spaces like small offices and small restaurants which is based on spatial planning by using different methods and applications, making the student able to work as a consultant. More technical concepts of design are introduced to the students. Students are also introduced to computer aided designing in this level.

  • Year 3

    The last year focus on specializing on landscaping design and designing bigger commercial spaces which helps them broaden their perspectives on designing luxury commercial spaces. Costing and professional practice theory is taught to become market ready. Another computer aided design software is introduced, thereby helping them to create realistic 3D spaces. A thesis project of their choice from a given list of projects concludes their learning process.

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